7 .02 2017

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot opens 2,000 applications in 2017 for skilled immigrants

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot opens 2,000 applications in 2017 for skilled immigrants and international student graduates who want to permanently live in:
1 .02 2017

Former refugee takes over Canada’s immigration ministry

Ahmed Hussen, a Somali-born lawyer and social-activist, has been named the new Canadian minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, replacing John McCallum, who is heading to Beijing as the new ambassador to China.
25 .1 2017

Express Entry: January, 2016 sees Record Number of Invitations to Apply Issued in a Single.

A total of 4,449 Invitations to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence were issued over the course of January, the highest total number for any single month since the Express Entry selection system for immigration to Canada was launched just over a year ago. The previous record was set in March, 2015, when 3,257 ITAs were issued.
23 .1 2017

The Entrepreneur Stream aims to attract individuals who wish to start a business in Nova Scotia.

The Entrepreneur Stream aims to attract individuals who wish to start or buy, and actively manage, a business in Nova Scotia.
21 .1 2017

Canada has welcomed its first 10,000 Syrian refugees

A significant milestone was reached late yesterday evening. Canada has now welcomed more than 10,000 Syrian refugees to our country as part of the #WelcomeRefugees initiative, bringing us closer to our goal of welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February 2016.
16 .1 2017

Government of Canada Plans on Admitting Record Numbers of new Immigrants in 2016

The Liberal government of Canada plans on welcoming up to 305,000 new permanent residents this year — the highest projected immigration level in decades, and around a seven percent increase on the 2015 plan.
14 .1 2017

Building a vibrant economic future for Atlantic Canada

Federal Ministers and Atlantic Premiers announce the launch of an Atlantic Growth Strategy following a meeting on Atlantic Canada’s economy
11 .1 2017

PNP Immigration Options in Eastern Canada: The Maritimes, They Are A Changing

In the second of a summer mini-series on Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), we looking at immigration to Eastern Canada, specifically the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.
5 .1 2017

New Zealand jobs growth continues to be strong

Immigration to New Zealand is growing at record levels and it would seem that many of the newcomers are finding success in obtaining employment.
2 .1 2017

Nearly 110,000 jobs will open up in 52 transportation and construction occupations across Canada’s British Columbia by 2025

British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada requires a large number of skilled professionals during the next decade to uphold the requirements to be generated a cause of the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative.
30 .12 2016

Skilled Migration To Australia

Australia needs people like YOU, people who have a skill. What the Australian government has done is issue a Skills Occupation List with various types of occupations and skills. You will need to be on this list to apply for Skilled Migration. Let us make this easy for you, give us call or fill out the free assessment and let’s see if you are on this list.
27 .12 2016

Canada’s construction industry looks bright

The Canadian residential construction industry continues to be a major driver of the national economy according to the latest annual report from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.
23 .12 2016

Albertans want more immigration, McCallum says

The minister was in Calgary as a part of a series of cross-country consultations on the Canadian immigration system, including questions about how many immigrants Canada should welcome in 2017.
20 .12 2016

Dominica has the cheapest Caribbean passport program at the moment

Dominica has the cheapest Caribbean passport program at the moment. You can gain a passport through a non-refundable contribution to the government fund of $100,000 or purchase of property worth $200,000. As with St. Kitts, there is no minimum residency requirement. A Dominica passport allows you to travel visa free to 119 countries and territories including the UK and Europe. A second passport from Dominica will cost a family of four (applicant, spouse and two children under 18-years-old) about $200,000, plus fees, which comes to a total cost in the realm of $350,000.
20 .12 2016

New Zealand calls for IT & Tech professionals

NZ is looking for more IT professions, especially in Wellington. The city tough small is a technological hub for the regions with most technology users and the government residing there. New Zealand calls for tech and IT professionals as they have realized the shortage of skilled people in the country.
18 .12 2016

Canada is now in need of at least 36,000 workers for its transportation sector

Canada will soon require workers in bulk as thousands of jobs will get vacant soon in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.
17 .12 2016

Massive Increase to Canadian Immigration Numbers

Government Advisory Group Recommends Massive Increase to Canadian Immigration Numbers
13 .12 2016

The highest paying jobs in every Australian state

Australia’s job market has been a boon to a large workforce native to Australia as well as migrants who aspire to earn a living in this incredible country.
10 .12 2016

B.C. cities dominate Canada's hottest job markets

According to an annual survey conducted by Express Employment Professionals, three of the country’s five hottest job cities are on the west coast.