English Requirment

Applicants for registration must demonstrate fluency in English. If English is not your first language, English Fluency tests are required to confirm your fluency in English.

The minimum scores required on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Test of Spoken English are:

–   TOEFL 213 (computer-based test) 550 (paper-based test)

–   TSE 50

The TOEFL measures general English proficiency and Assesses listening and reading comprehension, knowledge of Grammar structure, and writing ability in English. The TSE complements TOEFL and indicates ability to Communicate orally in English.

Allow at least three months to complete the English testing Requirement. This includes the time from the initial enquiry.


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Tests listening, Reading, speaking and writing for general English proficiency. The minimum academic test score required is an overall band score of 6.5 with a band score of 7 on the speaking test and no band score less than 6.

Test Scores

When applying for the tests, please arrange to have your test Scores sent directly to the appropriate nursing association Scores are considered valid for two years only. You may need to repeat the tests if you have not become registered before the two year limit has expired.

Test Preparation

Taking these tests more than once can be costly to you and Delays your eligibility for registration. To help you pass the First time, you may want to use exam preparation materials waiving the English Test Requirement In some exceptional cases, the English test requirement may be waived if you can demonstrate fluency according to criteria established by the Registration Committee. Information about applying for a waiver of the tests is outlined on the reverse. Applying to have the English tests waived will not necessarily shorten the application process. Depending on The individual circumstances and the type of documentation Available, the decision process can take three months or more.

Applying to have the English testing requirement waived

Any applicants wanting to request the English testing requirement be waived needs to:

–   Apply in writing

–   State how they meet the established criteria for waiving of the test(s)

–   Provide documentation and other information to support the request.

The English testing requirement may be waived, under 5.16(1) Nurses (Registered) Act Rules if the applicant demonstrates Apparent fluency by:-   Providing evidence of fluency in English (i.e., two references attesting to fluency from credible persons whose first Language is English, one of whom is an employer or ESL teacher)

–   Having achieved a score of 45 on the TSE and a score of at least 540/207 on the TOEFL

Meeting at least one of the following requirements:

1- Education in English:

Completed a minimum of four years of secondary and/or post secondary education in English in a country/province where English is recognized as the primary language*; or

2- Employment in an English-speaking setting:

has been employed at the registered or graduate nurse level for a minimum of 1125 hours in the past five years in a health care facility where English is the primary language Spoken; or

3- Registration in Canada:

Has been registered in another Canadian province/territory where English is the primary Language used and where the applicant met English test requirements equivalent to those required by the nurse’s association; or

4- Demonstrated fluency by alternate means:

–   Satisfactorily completed, within the previous two years, an approved/recognized nursing refresher or Qualifying course in Canada having both theory and clinical practice; or

–   Passed the CGFNS (Commission for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) examination within the previous two years prior to assessment for registration in Canada, for waiving of the TOEFL Examination only. Applicants whose request to waive the English fluency test requirement is Denied have the right to request reconsideration of the decision by the Registration Committee. The committee will consider requests only from Applicants who have Attempted, at least once, the TOEFL/TSE tests or IELTS test. All requests must:

–   Be in writing;

–   State the reasons why the tests should be waived according to the above criteria;

–   Include two references from credible sources whose first language is English and who have had an opportunity to assess The applicant’s English fluency, such as an instructor, employer or supervisor; and

–   Provide documentation to support the request for reconsideration such as English courses, educational courses or Programs, etc.

The Registration Committee will review the request and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors who can either Grant the request or deny it. This process can take up to three months depending on meeting schedules and when all the Necessary documentation is available.